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Unfortunately, the Wilton Arts Council likely will not be holding a FOCUS ’21 photography exhibit given the current state of the pandemic. Scheduling of such an event is contingent upon the Wilton Library fully reopening its doors to the public and the permissibility of holding events of such size. Given the large number of photographers and viewers that the FOCUS photography exhibits have drawn in the past, it likely will take some time before we get to the point of such large events occurring again.

While it is difficult to plan at this time, the Wilton Arts Council hopes that we can return to holding such an exhibit in 2022. When we have further information, we will certainly post a save-the-date notice to our website and e-mail prior participants. In the meantime, please work on coming up with those award-winning photographs.


While the FOCUS exhibits may look like they run themselves, they do take a considerable amount of advanced planning and set up to keep FOCUS as one of the best photography shows around. As the saying goes, many hands make light work; so please, if you want to be part of the great team and have a wonderful time in producing a terrific photography exhibit for adults, high school students and youths alike (as well as making some very nice new friends, too), please let us know ASAP that you are interested by contacting Beth Schneider at beth@wiltonarts.org. All help is welcome no matter what your specialty may be. We will always find something very useful for you to do to help achieve the successful end product that everyone appreciates and looks forward to see.  [Updated 2/11/2021]

Focus ’20 Photography Exhibit 

The Wilton Arts Council congratulates all photographers who entered FOCUS ’20. The award recipients of FOCUS ’20 are as follows:

FOCUS ’20 BEST OF SHOW:  “Fortitude” by Amy Bates-Garone of Danbury, CT


Adult Division:

1st Place: “Death Valley” by Edward Simmons of Danbury, CT

2nd Place: “Elephant Tough” by Ronald Lake of Stamford, CT

3rd Place: “What You ‘Steering’ At” by Erik Landegren of Bridgewater, CT

4th Place: “NYC Easter Parade 2019” by Robert Sachs of Norwalk, CT

5th Place: “We’ve Got Your Back” by Joyce Andersen of Wilton, CT

Honorable mentions in the adult division are awarded to:

  • “Fleeing in the Sand” by Nancy Breakstone of Westport, CT
  • “Wings” by Margaret Harris of Norwalk, CT
  • “On the Road, Bagan, Myanmar” by Emily Kelting of Norwalk, CT
  • “Young Monk” by Emily Kelting of Norwalk, CT
  • “A Splash of Red” by Erik Landegren of Bridgewater, CT
  • “Misty Morning at the Farm, Grace Farm, New Canaan” by Danielle Pearson of Weston, CT
  • “Bell Island Memories” by Robert Sachs of Norwalk
  • “Deep Red” by Sergio Villaschi of Warren, CT
  • “Before the Storm” by Sergio Villaschi of Warren, CT

High School Division (9-12 grade):

1st Place: “Between Water and Land” by Harrison Gordon of Fairfield, CT

2nd Place: “Night Eye” by Connor Golden of Weston, CT

3rd Place: “Pathway” by Connor Golden of Weston, CT

Honorable mentions in the high school student division are awarded to:

  • “Blue” by Sarah Case of Wilton, CT
  • “Backstage” by Emma Scanlan of Bedford, NY
  • “Sunny Days” by Audrey Maco of Shelton, CT
  • “Vortex” by Amanda Prather of Wilton

Youth Division (through 8th grade):

1st Place: “Mid Air” by Jack Ericson of New Canaan, CT

2nd Place: “One of Many” by Damien Pichardo of Ridgefield, CT

3rd Place: “Love This Book” by Lyla Micola of Redding, CT

Honorable mentions in the youth division are awarded to:

  • “Rhode Island Granduer” by Cashier Brooks of Ridgefield, CT
  • “Galapagos Girl” by Callie Harper of Stamford, CT
  • “Peck, Peck!” by Ella Loughran of Wilton, CT

The judges for FOCUS ’20 were: Jacquelyn Etling of Trumbull, FOCUS ’19 Best of Show recipient; Daryl Hawk of Wilton, The Unconventional Traveler; and Joyce Seymore of Wilton, artist and photographer.

Sponsors for Focus ’20 are: Beardsley Traveling Art Framer in Wilton, Milford Photo in Milford, Photographic Solutions LLC in Norwalk, and Rockwell Art & Framing in Wilton, Westport, New Canaan, and Fairfield.

Focus ’19


Seen above, Focus ’19 Best of Show: “Country Road” by Jacqueline Etling



To see FAQs (frequently-asked questions) about Focus, click here.

To see the entry details for Focus ’20, click here.

To see the next key dates for Focus ’20, click here.

For the Focus ’20 entry-form brochure, click here.

For a PDF of the Focus ’20 poster, [not yet uploaded – check back soon].


Each year in early January we send out a heads-up email to everyone on our list about the upcoming Focus exhibit in early January – b/c by then we have the Focus exhibit dates – followed by a well-placed reminder email whenever the next key date (e.g., Drop-off Weekend) approaches for participants and the public.  Let us know if you’d like to be added to the list.

The Focus Organizing Committees consists of artists and art-lovers – volunteers all! – who do the work for this exhibit each year with the goal of promoting our appreciation of the powerful blend of art/expression and reality/reportage that is photography.  All are invited to volunteer for any or all activities (even an hour or two of volunteering makes a big difference). It’s a fun, rewarding experience to team up with other great people who appreciate the importance of art in our lives.

We are very interested in your ideas for Focus (and for the Wilton Arts Council) and hope you’ll be able to take part in Focus next year. Please contact Beth at beth@wiltonarts.org with your questions and ideas, or to be one of the wonderful people willing to volunteer for our Focus team activities.

Please spread the word to your family and friends – and don’t forget to encourage youths and high school students to participate next year.

Every one of us can bring our unique gifts to the arts

They in turn give us back so much of what makes us human