In 1976, Gus Merwin, a photographer who is a member of one of Wilton’s oldest families, and his collection of historic photographs of Wilton helped a Parks, Recreation and Conservation Commission meeting get off to a historic start. The meeting, which attracted about 70 persons, considered establishing an Arts Council in Wilton. Audience response indicated support for forming the Wilton Arts Council to coordinate arts events throughout town.

Speaking Out on Important Issues Involving the Arts

The Wilton Arts Council (WAC) is the official arts agency for the Town of Wilton. We are a membership-driven organization whose priorities include broadening participation in the arts throughout Wilton and surrounding Fairfield-County communities strengthening the position of the arts within the community. We are an important instrument of communication and a voice of advocacy to help the arts add value to the quality of life in our community. WAC is a non-profit, totally volunteer organization dedicated to furthering education, entertainment and enlightenment in our local area through the major art forms: Music, Dance, Theater and the Visual Arts.

Our Objectives

  • To increase the enjoyment of and participation in the arts by Wilton people of all ages.
  • To encourage artistic activities of all kinds – writing, acting, crafts, painting, photography, film, music, sculpture, dance and more – for the pleasure they bring the creator as well as the beholder. Our role is not to judge art, but to nurture it.
  • To foster a sense of community among the artistic and cultural organizations in our town, and among the artists who live, work, teach, show, and perform in Wilton.
  • To work in harmony with the Wilton school system and the many other established organizations that have for years promoted and presented artistic efforts of great merit.
  • To encourage sponsorship of and participation in artistic activities by the Wilton business community, town government and other institutions.
  • To serve as a source of information and communication among all groups and individuals involved with the arts in Wilton.
  • To maintain liaison with art councils and organizations on town, state and national levels.