Focus FAQs


Q 1: What size should my photo be?
A 1: Your image framed should be at least 8” x 10”.  (Note: yes, the photograph itself may be smaller than 8″ x 10″.)  Keep in mind that photographs will be viewed from several feet or more away, so if there is a lot of detail to your image, it might show up better if the print is at least 8” x 10” itself. The larger the image, the further distance it can be seen.


Q 2: Is there a maximum size that the framed work cannot exceed?
A 2: While we have not established any maximum size, please keep in mind that the Focus exhibits are hung by a group of volunteers. If your piece is over 3 feet in either direction and cumbersome to handle, you may be requested to help hang your piece on installation day.  “Installation Day” is literally that: we hang the show in one day – generally a Monday, the day following “Drop-off Weekend” – and just a few days before opening day.

Q 3: Does the image have to be framed?
A 3: If the image is printed on canvas attached to a stretched frame or printed on plexiglass or metal, it does not have to be placed in a frame provided that the back is wired for hanging (see #4 below).


Canvas over stretcher (here, an oil painting)

Q 4: Why does the image have to be framed and wired for hanging?
A 4: The printed image needs to be properly mounted to represent a finished piece. If the image is printed on canvas that is stretched on a frame or is printed on plexiglass or metal, it would be considered a finished piece. Because the exhibit is hung using gallery hooks, the image needs to have a wire running across the back of it. While wiring may not have been necessary for you to hang the piece at home and other hanging devices (such as loops or triangles) may have been used by the framer, we still need to have a wire across the back or the work would not be able to be hung in the exhibit.

Acceptable wiring spans backside    ~vs~    no wiring (unacceptable)

Q 5: Does the image have to be printed on paper? Can I print on canvas, plexiglass or metal?
A 5: Your image may be printed on any medium, including canvas, plexiglass or metal. Images printed on canvas, plexiglass or metal need not be framed; however, please see #4 above on the requirement for wiring.

Q 6: What form of payment is acceptable?
A 6: Only cash or checks are accepted for entries in FOCUS. Checks should be made payable to the Wilton Arts Council, Inc.

Q 7: What are the fees to enter?

A 7: A photographer can opt to enter either one or two photos in a Focus exhibit.

  • For Youths: each photo has a $5 entry fee, so that entering one Youth photo is $5, and entering two is $10.
  • For High-School Students: each photo has a $10 entry fee, so that entering one HS Student photo is $10, and entering two is $20.
  • For Adults: each photo has a $20 entry fee, so that entering one Adult photo is $20, and entering two is $40.
  • For Wilton Arts Council members entering photos in the Adult division: each photo has a $10 entry fee, so that entering one photo is $10, and entering two is $20.

If you want to enter two photos, you’ll see that the FOCUS Entry Form allows you to enter the photo title and price (or NFS) for two photos. If you want to enter one photo, just leave the 2nd photo info blank.

Q 8: If I am unable to make either drop-off date, can I drop my work off at the library either before or after the two drop-off dates?
A 8: If you are unable to attend either of the drop-off dates, please make arrangements to have a family member or a friend bring your work to the drop off with the completed entry form and entry fees. Please note that the Focus exhibits are organized by the Wilton Arts Council and not the Wilton Library; accordingly, work should not be brought to the library early.  We cannot accept work after the drop-off dates, as the FOCUS Organizing Committee moves immediately to hanging the exhibit under a tight schedule to be ready for judging.  If you have exhausted the possibilities of family and friends and the work is relatively small, limited alternative arrangements may be available to allow it to be dropped off prior to Drop-off Weekend by contacting Beth at 203-834-9986.

Q 9: How do I price my work?
A 9: Pricing is totally up to the photographer; however, a rule of thumb is that the low end of the range should always be priced to cover the costs to produce the image as well as the 20% commission that the library will receive. If a photo is priced at $100, the library will receive $20. That means that you would receive $80 and you need to determine whether that amount is sufficient to cover the printing and framing costs as well as your effort to produce the work. Images printed on canvas, plexiglass or metal, for example, are more expensive than images printed on paper and, accordingly, are priced much higher to cover those higher costs. Often photographers mark their work as “not for sale” (NFS); however, we often hear people say “I love one of the photographs in the Focus exhibit and might have purchased it had it not been marked Not for Sale.” Accordingly, photographers might consider prior to entering their work in FOCUS as to whether they should actually come up with a price. Once we accept the entry form, it is difficult to change from NFS to a price as the photo tags and the FOCUS Program Guide will be produced from the initial decision marked on the entry form.

Q 10: How are sales handled?
A 10: When someone expresses an interest in purchasing a photo, the Wilton Library takes down the information and notifies the FOCUS Chair, who will contact both the potential purchaser and the photographer to confirm the sale. The purchaser will be requested to send a check payable to the Wilton Arts Council, Inc. for the price of the photo to the Wilton Arts Council’s P.O. box. The photograph can then be picked up by the purchaser at the end of FOCUS during one of the pick-up days. The Wilton Arts Council will mail a check to the photographer for the price of the photo less the 20% commission owed to the Wilton Library, and the Wilton Arts Council will send the 20% commission to the library. Photographers should receive their payments approximately 2-3 weeks following the end of the exhibit.

Q 11: If I am out of town the weekend that photos are to be picked up, can I pick up my photos early or during the week following the end of the exhibit?
A 11: If you are unable to be there for the pick-up, please make arrangements for a family member or friend to pick up your photo(s) and contact Beth Schneider, FOCUS Chair, at 203-834-9986 with the name of the individual who you are designating to pick up your photo(s). If you still need to pick up your photo(s) early, please contact Beth to determine a suitable time close to the end of the exhibit (March 21, 2023) to pick your photo(s) up at the library. The Wilton Library cannot accommodate storage of any photos; accordingly, photos not picked up timely will be removed from the library and subject to a $10 surcharge as stipulated in the entry form. After 30 days, all remaining works become the property of the Wilton Arts Council. Please be aware that the Wilton Arts Council also does not have any available storage for photos following the last pick-up date of Sunday, April 2, 2023. So please don’t risk the safety of your wonderful photographs by failing to pick them up during the pick-up dates.